A company which provides goods or services to a local population. Though most often used when referring to a locally-owned business, the term may also be used to describe a franchise or corporate branch operating within a local area.

Manoshahr a highly specialized and highly secured space for the purchase, sale and provision of discounted (beta) services without intermediaries between service providers and consumers and consumers.

  • As Internet information / services sites increase on the Internet, the understanding of thematic and conceptual communication between the information / services provided is becoming increasingly important. Search tools on the Internet, such as Google, also categorize them using the keywords on these sites and the sophisticated formulas developed over time. Obviously, this method only responds partly to the needs of users and perhaps just one starting point on the Internet.
  • Guaranteed to provide services and goods consistent with the terms entered in manoshahr by providers
  • Remove intermediaries and provide real discounts
  • Comparison and expert review of service providers and merchandise
  • Guarantee and support purchase from the moment of pick up delivery of goods by manoshahr
  • Guarantee your full refund if you do not receive the order in a healthy way If there is a discrepancy between the services and goods registered in manoshahr with the goods and services provided to the consumer, manoshahr will assume the compensation for the consumer.

Portals, with the help of search tools and other tools discussed in the portal design technology, are responsible for creating a predefined link with a specified start and end point. For this reason, dedicated portals for organizations when responding to a statement should specify the required operations for their clients beforehand with the starting point, sequence of work, and end point. Required customer operations may affect several systems in the organization at a glance. Public galleries follow such goals with various functions. manoshar's mission as a public portal is to empower its users in a variety of work and life situations. Providing information in various fields and creating electronic communication with information producers or its holders in the fields of culture and arts, economics and commerce, science and education, healthcare and ... With the creation of a suitable environment for conducting the required users, the main goal We are in the manoshar, with God's help, and taking advantage of new technologies to make it happen. It is hoped that this goal will be achieved with the help of owners and producers of information, advice from associates in the field of technology and the desire of manoshar users.

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